Monday, April 7, 2008

Hip Hop Graffiti Competition Pt3 (Adrian and Khan view)

Thanks to Adrian and Khan for sharing the photo ^^. Previously I got post 2 post about the competition. Here the link:

Eng claims that the photo he look stim. Memang pun :D
But from Adrian's photo, mostly all potrait eh. So.. He take photo of everyone there.
During Eng receive his prize.
Gratz to him for 3rd Place ^^ Deserve it.
Remember my 1st post about this competition? Here. The 1st Runner Up artwork look like copying artwork from a crew from taiwan. When the judge announce that, got people protest. The team look shocked. Yet, given 1 hour time to get evidence to proof that they are copying.
Within 1 hour, evidence arrive. And some.. "not human" among them.. Shout out "wah hor chio lo" Mean wah.. funny lo.
And waiting for the judge to come down, to verified is it copy or not. Without thinking much they judge say, no they not copying.
Then of course, judge say no mean no, and we can't do anything. And the.. "LADIES" who is not participating, keep talking.. nonstop.
And, all words from her mouth is OVER! Never cross her brain before she say anything. In the end, the judge scold her.. ENG KAI~!
I don't know how they look at it. But I think if you all see it, think and see.
Anyway, the crowd there make those people who passed by and don't know what happen scare. I heard they asking. What happen, why so many people gather.
Even that time got Reporter from newspaper.
What's news paper write? Read below.

Cut from 光華日報。Photo by HS.

So, that's why they wrote bout it. Although my chinese is 有限公司。 At least I understand abit.
Got 1 line write,

有関得獎做的 “公仔“ 與網上作品不完全相以
The doll/character that do by the winner not completely same as the original from the web.

So.. Ladies and Gentlemen. Judge yourself.

Even after everything was settle down, one of the guy say ah eng's character copy too. Our of so many thing.. He say ah eng copy worm.

Me and ah eng got same thought. "wtf? worm?"

Anyway. end of this post. Enjoy and gratz to winner ^^


Më| §zë said...

love the graffiti...

no videos?

wenzi said...

opss too bad... dun have =.= never thought of want video =.=

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice photos taken!!! Quite like the paintings...

wenzi said...

erm.. akira, i not sure it shuld be called as painting or not.

graffiti = spray.. maybe.. spraying :D hahah