Monday, April 14, 2008

N.S Pt2 : Preparation

There are few things that you must do before attend NS. Haha special for reader's who don't have experience before. Maybe this can help your siblings. ^^

1) Make sure which camp you are in.
2) Make sure you go for Health Check Up. Just incase you got ...
3) You must have a Bank Pertanian Account. They will pay your allowance thru this bank. No Maybank.. No other bank.

Things that you should bring:
1) Daily use item, e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, anything that for your cleaniness.
2) A bucket/pail. Incase you don't have time to wash your clothing, you may DIP you dirty clothing overnight or before you handwash it.
3) Yes, your personal clothing you got to wash yourself. Only those uniform provide by them you can send to DOBI.
4) Hanger for hanging your cloth and a lock to lock your locker.
5) Some food like biscuit, maggi, snack just incase you are hungry at the middle of night.
6) If you scare of sunburn, why not bring along "sunburn cream" Aiya, that one apply before you go enjoy under SUN one la.
7) If you hate mosquito, you can bring mosquito repellent as well. The best is use ELECTRICAL one la.
8) For guy, you better don't bring comb, because you will be BOTAK! For gurl, please bring comb lo. I dont think they allow hairdryer.
9) Almost forget, toilet paper rolllll.
10) Guitar if you can play them. Your PEN and PENCIL sketch book/ diary.

Things that you can bring but not necessary:
1) Handphone (depends on some camp, the JURULATIH will keep and only allow to use on weekend.)
2) Extra Cash (just keep the amount you need in your wallet. If you bring alot, keep it in safe place.)
3) Chain, Ring or any valuable accessories. (things like this easy to get LOST)
4) Camera/ Videocam (depends on you)
5) MP3/ MP4 Player and Speaker.

Things that you should not bring:
1) Expensive thing/ Valuable thing.
2) Laptop, unless your camp provide wi-fi for you to BLOG? It's totally impossible
3) Food which is TAK HALAL. As you know, NS is Multi-racial program. So.. No PORK.. No PORKU..

Things I listed above doesnt mean that 100% must follow. It's depends on individual needs. And it is based on my experience there.

Next, for guys, if you want to save RM5 to cut your hair before NS. You can get free haircut at camp on the first day.
For my time, good thing is I got friends that completed NS. So they did help me and telling me what need or no need to bring there.
Day before the real day, went out with my band friend for some fun before I am officially GROUNDED inside NS. =.=,
eee dont ask me why I post about NS so much yet=.=

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