Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pikom PC Fair 2008/April

Note: Right after the wedding gown contest at gurney, we straight went up to PISA for PIKOM PC FAIR. There I meet my friends before we go in to join the CROWD.
Heck, it was Saturday.. T_T A lot of people outside PISA waiting for their turn to go inside for
F**king Parking.

Even myself and my dear and mr photographer adrian got stuck between the cars.

Damm sien CHIU NOE?

So, we end up with parking at Opposite Public Bank there. SWT.

Long story short talk, we walk in.. At first, I thought I walk into wrong place. Or walk into wrong fair.

Inside is all greennnnnnnnnnnnny. Green yesh.. GREEN. HIJAU.
I tell you what.. I no bluff you..
Every time you walk into the arena/middle/upper or what-so-ever they call.

The first thing U will see is the S.E.C ballon.

Anyway, I met Mickey there on PC Fair.

Er.. Mickey... MOUSE?
Of course I heard my friend telling me that got friend who work there.

So let me show you who I spotted there ya?

First, is xinyun she work at BenQ booth.

We were guessing.. eh is that her? It look like her.. but doesn't look like her leh.. SWT.at Then, my college junior.. Shurteen. She work at HP selling laptop. Don't play play..
As usual when you in a Fair.. they will stick their artwork on their booth.

So.. Macam-macam ada jual eh. Haha
Was helping my dear to find 3 in 1 printer for her friends. So we stop by this booth that selling printer.

and... Adrian saw the free warranty paper for him to grab.

I take a photo of him happily..

Of course he did put it back ler..

We not so evil K?

Please let me introduce to you.. A very geng laptop.. You hear the name also you will feel scary arr..


How? Scary? Kepala Kembar eh? Ogre Magi!!

But what so special of this laptop.. Of course not because of the laptop got 2 head la wei. =.=


I repeat..



Wont spoil if fall on FLOOR.

How the water resistance work?

Look at the photo below.

See!! Is real water OK? When you thirsty U can drink!!! =.=

What kind of people so bad.. Go pour water on their laptop. BAKA

See or not!! Water coming out!! Keyboard still can for u to PRESS PRESS

But too bad... It's only resist on keyboard part..

Your mouse port, usb port or whatever HOLE that for you to POK don't have RESISTANCE K?

So.. You want to buy?

My friend want to buy ram for his laptop before we leave.

So we drop by one of the booth outside to wait the people to put the RAM for him.

And we saw... Chilli and Louie..

But wait, why Adrian Look so down???

Well, it's because of his 50mm is broken. Sad lehhh T_T

Really super fragile.. A small knock and bye bye.

While waiting.. I saw Mr. Transpomer caged inside this box:

Oh NO.. His ram was taken out..

Somebody save him PLSSSS.

OK.. cut the CRAP =.=

Here's some photo of CHILLI

And LOUIE the MONKEY ....After Everything was done... Finish.. Habis... 完蛋。。

It's time to say..

Bye bye.

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Akira 思胜 said...

I went there too on saturday evening... So crowded!!! Is really frustrating sometimes... haha...