Monday, April 21, 2008

Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Design Contest Pt. 2

Here come my Pt.2
I think separate to Pt1 and Pt2 not that nice already, but today got work. Can't concentrate on 1 long post. So anyway here comes part 2.

After a mini fashion show by the models. The emcee invited them to gather on the stage again before the judges calculate and choose who is the winner.
Then got around 10 to 15minutes for them to have photography session with their friends and families.
Helped them to take a few photo. Which really FEW ok? From my view, I feel that all of them did a superb great job. Really nice and from far it look like real Gown. The supporter from everywhere.

Every contestant and model was in nervous. I can feel it haha. But then I think they enjoy the whole event.
Here's the prize winner
Top photo: Left : 2nd Runner Up, Mid : Winner, Right: 1st Runner Up.

So what you think?
So that's almost all about this event.


BeverLy's Secret said...

Toilet paper wedding gown?
SOooooo Creative!!

Those gowns turned out fine and nice... I really unaware about what is happening in M'sia lately..

Thanks for sharing!!

wenzi said...

Yes, made of toilet paper.. haha

if you look at it live.. u will love it for sure..

hehe You're welcome

Ping Ping said...

eh, so dangerous, later the tissue came off how? Afterall, tissue papers/toilet papers are damn easy to tear lor...better dun make long one..later ownself step on it and do free show pulak

wenzi said...

ping ping: well haha quite dangerous and risky.

but then of course got put protection first la hahah..

the 1st runner up one.. her gown is quite long and big O_O..

but everything was fine HEHE