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Cheng Beng 2008

After I found out that, there are "some" not chinese reader in my blog. Here, some explanation I get from the Internet about what is Cheng Beng or in chinese 清明。

Cheng Beng 清明

One major event in the Chinese calendar, observed by Chinese communities all over the world is All Souls Day, also known as Cheng Beng or Qing Ming, which falls on April 5 every year except on leap years when it falls on April 4.
During this period, the Chinese community will visit graves of deceased family members and ancestors to pay their respects. It can be done 10 days before and after the actual date of Cheng Beng. Graves are weeded and cleaned, joss-paper is burnt, and offerings are made.

So roughly from the little essay, most Chinese.. I mean all majority Chinese will visit graves of their deceased family members and ancestor. Normally people will choose do go on Saturday or Sunday due the it's weekend. And those relative who stay far away can have their time to back to their hometown or the place that their ancestor's tomb was place.
Normally, after a person pass away, the coffin either bury under the ground or the other way is burning. The burning way is they will use a "pot?" to keep the bone which had burn become like powder, and it will place in temple.

Below, is this year that I went for cheng beng at my mum's hometown. Was back there one Sat's evening. First thing to do when reach is to eat. After our dinner, and back to house, we start to arrange and separate the hell note, paper shoes, paper shirt, etc.
Due to the technology nowadays, some people even buy daily use thing like soap, cigarettes, watches, shoes, hand phone, bike, car.. and even aeroplane. All made of paper. Or thicker paper so call card board.
Even my friend told me that, got camera as well. I was like, stunned. Can't imagine even hell note also will got signature of their "finance government"

Spending time together with my cousin and aunt helping them to fill and chatting. Nah, I talk a lot of cold joke. For example...

1 - I saw some shoes, with no texture below, and I asked..
eh, no texture leh.. they wear liao will slippery or not?
2 - Hell note, each piece = 1000000000HD - hell dollar
eh, so much money, why still buy thing to burn? I thought there got shop ma?

The COLD me. =.=
Next morning, wake up quite.. early? 6am. After bath and prepare ourself. So we
drive there. Reach there early.. Already got some family start to pray. Of course, I brought my camera this year, I din't help them much. Just helping myself to take photo. So bad me =.=
Start with the "tua pek kong-大伯公“ near the entrance,and then 后土, what they call it in English =.=..
Then to my great grand parent grave.
Rules during Cheng Beng:
1st - must put those flag on top of the "field"
2nd - must put candle surround the "field"
3rd - joss stick also need.
4th - Don't speak/talk unnecessary

The "field" was actually represent the "land" that cover the coffin that buried.
Why I call it field? It because of.. the photo below =.=

Morning Pana

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