Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hou hou sekk arrr

First, let me tell you. I am not doing any advertisement for this post. Just want to show something!

But if you all wnat go try, you all can go. I havent try before yet.
As you can see, the nasi lemak is only RM5!!! So cheap?? or expensive? Go try then you know la. But what so special about this nasi lemak? I also don't

Can it compare with Old Town Nasi Lemak? The taste? Maybe..?

How bout road side Nasi Lemak?

Maybe even roadside's is tasty than this. But, I dint try yet.

Ok let me tell you what so special.

Looks like it cook by Puan Fazilah. But wait what so special about the name? =.= I don't know leh.. I don even know who is it. You think I will go eat? If lah they put cook by which superstar or which VIP that famous. Maybe can consider go eat. =.=

And this is not a racist post.


Derek Cheah said...

lol... the packaging so special.... hahahah! nowadays got alot of "special" instant food hor...

Anonymous said...

What? do you need to do this? =_=" They put the word "special" then you also belive that its special. If they put there gold plate, mostly its just normal plastic plate with gold spray on it. xD