Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bo Xiang Lah.. ?

Uncle A : eh, lu eh tian wu wua bo? (eh u got change ur number ar?)
Uncle B : Bo Xiang Lah. (different lah) ?

Heard this during that uncle B leave, was having my breakfast and heard some of their conversation. I not meant to curi curi listen one la.. just they talk toooooo "soft" so can hear lo..

Actually the uncle B wan say "Bo, xiang lah.." mean.. > No, still same < gosh.. he talk too fast and say bo xiang lah.. haha

Went to intervier for pratical training this morning, hope can get the job and learn something from there.

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Aurora said...

dont worry bout the job liao...try ur best k?i will support u always...hehe^^