Saturday, March 8, 2008


No, No.. dun misunderstand..

Penang no flood..

yea yea.. Penang no flood...

please relaxxxx~

Just want to introduce u all.. for those who haven't watch this movie : FLOOD.

yea yea.. pic from

OK, I feel this movie is nice, very nice.

This movie make those gurls that sit behind me drop their tears.. U say nice o not? But.. beginning of the movie a bit too bored.. too many SPEAKING. Make the person beside me and some fall asleep. But GUARANTEEE the climax there very nice.

Damm kin cheong one this movie. Haha..

Want to know more then go watch lo. :D


Anonymous said...

See Here

Melvin said...

yeah is nice. dunno y my fren say is boring and not nice. zzz. dunno how to watch one they all.