Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sentral Charity Carnival

A rush to Kolej Sentral after receive a SMS from my friend Khang Wei who studying there. Actually I met him few days back during my lunch time. He told me about the carnival and sell a RM10 coupon to me. I bought it and I forget about it =.=. But luckily he remind me and I straight go there.
Parked my bike at wilson's house and walk there, weather is still hot -.-''' and walk in, and the first person I saw is my ex-school's friend; ex-teacher; ex-tuition teacher; ex-sxi band supporter, haha thats mabel wong. Sorry no photo :D. She was now one of the lecturer in Sentral College.
Then have a chat with her awhile until I saw khang wei walking to my place. He show me his stall and .. I take photo lo. =.=
Wasn't suprise that, not much people there. Maybe because it's already 3rd day there. So not much stall/booth selling stuff also. Mainly from student from Sentral itself. CLHS and PCGHS got sell their stuff there as well.
Those attact me is this stall that selling stuff. JUMBO SALE. Minnie also sell =.=
Wasn't realize that Chung Ling's student was there until I saw the paper and saw some guys holding dSLR. Without think much, I know those blogger will be there. There.. If not mistake is Nick Chan from

CLSH's stuff that on sale.
Last, bought this tea cup for my parents.


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