Monday, September 29, 2008

Some TOOT fm..

raining wasn't fun actually. oh well.. it is annoying if rain the whole day without stopin..

anyway.. while i was driving back on the way to fetch my gf

a usual, i was listening to the radio.. i will call it "toot fm" ok?

the dj ask her listener a question..

the question is like this:
"Where do you hide your valuable stuff when you Balik Kampung during Raya to prevent from robbery?"

So some answer,
inside the pillow
Some says
inside bathroom
and some say
bla bla bla

So i wonder those robber will listen to radio o not..

get what I mean?


Kuntong said...

i will bring all the stuff balik kampung too.. XD

迷迭香 said...

hahahaaaaa.... pls expect rain for the next 8 days ~ ^_^

Adrian said...

so lame 1 arr =__=

Wei Lian said...