Monday, September 22, 2008

Dot Dot Dot ; )

So, for those who had already watch Mamma Mia: The Movie.. should know whats the dot dot dot mean right ^_^ Hehe..

Well today I join others Penang Nuffie to watch the Primiere Screening of Mamma Mia.

What can I say.. erm.. the movie ROCKS!! it is full with songs.. and another songs.. and another songs..
Got a bit feel like BOLLYWOOD movie... or maybe OLD SCHOOL MUSICAL... haha

Just too bad, there is no sound during the movie start...

anyway, u gotta watch the movie if u love ABBA's songs...

Forgive me for so few photo...





Well, most of us feel that the gap between each blogger are VERY BIG. Most of us just go in to watch the movie like what we did normally.

Of course I meet blogger like
Princess Cheryl and her BF
Diese with Baynn
KokAhKok n fren
Min Xiang
Charleskey and gang
Pikachu can blog....
and some other blogger that I dono...

u might want to click one of the link above to see more pic ^_^.

by the way, the cinema is full of senior citizen.. haha the movie suit them to watch ^_^

Finally thx Nuffnang for the screening. Hope can get more screening again ^_^

SO.. dun dot dot dot k?


how can i forget about the POMPOMGIRL


cazzycazz said...

Wenziiiiii..... Mine is KL version!! lols.... Yeah, love that movie & i really did have a good laugh! Too bad i didn't meet anyone because basically i don't know anyone there! lols..... But me & Dav did enjoy ourselves.....

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Nice to meet up with you again.
Quite an entertaining movie...those songs really brought back some good memories for me as I'm from that era..was actually tapping my feet and quietly singing along too macam karaoke like dat...LOL!

DiEsE said...

hahaha.. i just realised that i dun have a pic with u... XD

jolyn cutiez said...

me too no picca with ya...

e s t a n c u s said...

well, as they say in old times, "dot dot dot..." hahah!

mei yi said...

and now i know who imwenzi.
i think i saw a bunch of you guys standing at the corner stealing photographs of us, the kiasu crowd.

Cheryl-Jiaween said...

Aih Wenzi...didn't managed to take a photo with u yesterday... But I had one with Diese!!~

Oklar...dun =p

Next round we can get the gang to have more get togethers lol. It's a good start for the PG Nuffies.

Vanity Fling said...

Hahaa..need to filter 1st before can post up..sien.. zzzz..

wenzi said...

cazzycazz: yeahh!! urs KL version eh? ehehe i dint expect to meet many people in Penang. but it's was COOL.

9pek9bo: yeah uncle, nice to meet u again too ^_^. If feel that got a lot of people who know the song sang along too HAHA

diese: yea yea.. too bad T_T nvm got another chance.

jolyn: no prob got chance ^_^

e s t a n c u s: yeahhh dot dot dot wehh haaah

meiyi: yeahhh ^_^ did i curi curi snap?

cheryl: hahah no worries.. since we might meet again some day.. yea no dot dot dot ler hahah

vanity: yeah hope to see urs ^_^ soon

Ellie_pi said...


wenzi said...

ellie: then u must take this opportunity to meet new fren ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Hmm...Penang one seems to be more crowded or is it that all come at the same time?

Phoebe said...

haha.. i was there too.. and i saw myself in the picture..!!

lilian said...

Thanks for link! I blur blur yesterday, pardon me. My jaw hurts so I no mood to socialising. Anyway, nice meeting but not really meeting you! :P

jėss.T said...



tibatiba ada aku mia nama.. haahha


=( =(

wenzi said...

simon: penang's not very crowded lo =.= haha so so only ler..

phoebe: oh really? wow which one is u ar? ^_^

lilian: u r welcome haha.. u better go to meet ur doctor then ^_^. take care

JESS: haha because meet u also ma.. sure got chance to take photo eh k ^_^

Phoebe said...

haha.. i'm the one wearing white shirt with denim skirt entering the cinema. (in your pictures) and sat in the second row from the bottom, 2nd from the right, with my chin resting on my hand =)it's nice to go event like this.. but no socializing at all the other day.