Thursday, September 11, 2008

Journey To Nanyang Design Showcase

short crap: i am using the word short crap because i love to crap a lot. btw soon gonna graduate.. sigh

Copy from Urban Cr3atures

I am proudly announced that Jay Lim together with a few invited designers including myself will be showcasing our artworks and talk about them in Han Chiang College on 19-20 September 2008 frm 11am till 4pm. The talks will be on 20 September 2008 from 10.30am till 4pm. The talks are by Chun Woei (founder of Urban-Cr3atures and lecturer of Han Chiang College), Luk Chee Chew (creator of Dweey and art director of Fusionwave Consultancy), Muid Latif (founder of Digital Malaya and former creative director of MSC), Jaylim (creator of Miss Hua and founder of Tsubaki Studio). Penang is Jaylim's first stop and do watch out for it in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Do come and support the local design scene. See you guys there!! This is an event one must not miss.

Yeap, feel free to go have a look.


Forever HL said... far...haha...


wenzi said...

HL, yea at Penang hehe