Friday, September 26, 2008

We Love CPR

crap crap: gosh, it's raining... heavy.. and.. omg... lalalal... omfg.. why rain so heavy.. make me sleepy... hahahaha
btw.. i have already try before Sony A100, Sony A200, Sony A300, and Sony A350 d. Left Sony A700 haven't try yet.


Last.. erm.. well.. I also forget when was it.

I attend this Latihan Orang Awam organize by dunno who in my college.
So I join ah eng, sams, rebx, ahpom, and most of them you wouldn't know mia orang.

So the story is.. i've learn this thing b4 during my NS training back in year 2006. and of course, i've return what i learn to those TRAINER in NS. HEHE

Well, it start with.. the speaker were teaching us some basic thing should do before kissing the doll.

The PROTOCOL of CPR ----> D.R.A.B.C.D
D - Danger
R - Respond
A - Airway
B - Blowjob Breathing
C - Circulation
D - Defibrillation.

Its Start with DANGER, mean u see a people suddenly COLLAPSE. And you will nid to get the RESPOND by molesting hitting him/her hard. Next, you nid to give the victim some AIRWAY by pushing his head upward a little bit. Next, check the BREATHING by listening if the victim got breath. Dun be shock if he/her suddenly SHOUT at you while u listening. You might nid to KISS him/her and do some push up on him/her for the CIRCULATION. Repeat the step if the victim still not awake.

SO... actually, I've again return all my knowledge to the speaker. ^_^
Anyway, let me share with you the photossss i manage to get today.
i am not sucking blood...
while potato trying to press press..
rebx love doing this??!
sam also want press press.. .. ..
and... dot dot dot
the caption on his cap suit him right?
wrap head
that's the speaker then show how to wrap your head
rebx eng
this is what we should do when both of us were injured.
those bandage are good for decoration too ^_^
while my leg also got injured as well..

the lesson end with wrapping my leg with a lot of cloth..

and of course must have group pic one ma right ?? haha



迷迭香 said...

very informative and funny at the same time hahahaaaa.......

Kuntong said...

CPR got blowjob 1 ah?
hmmm..mayb i forgot liao...

wenzi said...

香haha.. thx ^_^

kun: u nid to blow some air one ar