Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sudah 51 Tahun kita Merdeka!

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update this post because cant sleep. and brain storming idea.. while flash back my memory during my band days.


Here we go..

As I mention earlier, this year Penang State Merdeka Parade will held at here:

I was attending some Dance Dinner with my friends and lecturer @ Kulim on 30th, after the dancing party, we go over to autocity to celebrate people's birthday. then we stay till around 2am like that and i reach my house around 2.30am.. then because of my dog dun want sleep, i also cannot sleep. and stay awake till 4am.. bath and the go mamak with my dear for some breakfast. reach sxi school around 5.05am and help them on their uniform and wait for something.

At first, i thought I can shoot around the grandstand area.


But then, I saw a lot of BIG GUN that morning. most simple way to make me feel mood less to stay there shooting.

Here, someone with 2 EOS GUN, L ammo somemore. =.=

Some EOS GUNner also

another EOS GUNner..
most of them are in don't know what crew what crew la.

conclusion #1: u will see GUNner everywhere on that morning. like GUNner gathering only. =.=

So, start here onwards are photo are credits to... ALEX CHUA jeng jeng~

It is a tradition for us, sximb to do this every time before when there's a competition that we taking part in.
alex call it : The Electrical Generator Moments
this is because the middle person will touch the drum while the rest who could not reach the drum will touch the shoulder of the person in front him. and a moment of silence the shouting our GO! SAINTS! GO!

This year Merdeka got a bit different. We got CG. Colour Guards... I don't know why they want put those CG but.. it is a strategy?
p.s.: i heard got people complain that our CG hit their head. is it true? if its true.. i will say goodjob fella CG ^_^
here, i manage to get a very nice shot from alex. GOOD JOB ^_^ like that very much.
and because of we are the first band to pass the grandstand, most of us who went there support cant pass to the other side. we got block by the army and some... I dono who.

so we got to stand under the hot sun and POSE for alex while waiting for the next band to march pass us.

anyway, this year result for Marching Band category is a big big.. BIG SUPRISE
OK, let me lansi abit.. sximb have been 3 years champion since 2005 till 2007. and we thought we gonna make it again this year but the result turn out like this:

1st: Heng Ee High School - Mamma Mia
2nd: Union High School - Keranamu Malaysia
3rd: St. Xavier Institution Marching Band - Gagah Setia

Suprise? not? HEHS manage to get champion by playing ABBA's MAMMA MIA for grandstand.

haha, but I dun feel suprise or sad or whatever for HEHS as champion because they are really good in music. and i did tell my friend that this year Penang got a lot of changes, I bet this year result will be different, who knows those new band might win.. and who knows HEHS will win for playing MAMMA MIA. and who knows...

who knows that UHS will kick SXIMB ass? I was kinda shock after I hear they announce the 2nd place result. I almost split all my coffee beans' white cream chocolate out when they announce it. not that I look down on UHS ok? just something UNEXPECTED only.

I kinda agree with alex: >> this is my line (So, whats the use being a champion or a top among us if we)

Being a 3 Time State Champion
Still no spirit
No proper system
No motivation
No intense practice
No proper leaders
Sad case man

yeap sad case


Just Jasmine said...

Merdekaaaaaaa!!! I'm freeeeee Wenzi!!! :D

迷迭香 said...

nobody knows lar...
if anybody knows in advance,pls go ask for 4D ya hahahaaaa......

WaN HoE said...

Sad case indeed .

Jayce said...

Woo... I want those L lens. :D