Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Graffiti Greatness MV in YouTube

As some of you all know, from my previous post which I blog about the cap and the single album. Now you can get the movie at youtube.

Some information about Graffiti Greatness.
Graffiti Greatness is a song writted by Schizzow himself, and performed by himself too. Graffiti Greatness is a song that telling us about how people think and threat the graffiti artist in Penang or Malaysia. In this MV, you can see and understand more about what is graffiti and how society think about it.

"Graffiti is not vandals, vandals they destroy. Graffiti is Beautify" a sentence by Schizzow during I so call interview him :D

I agree with it, so how about you?

Enjoy the MV :D

And special congrats to potato and his crew in this succesful MV making. GONG XI GONG XI.

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