Monday, December 15, 2008

super quicky post.. T_T

As.. some... I mean few of you all know, I take part in this year starwalk again. here for last year starwalk

I need to wake up early to get ready and wait for Radius to reach my house.

Then we (me, my dear and radius) meet at sam's house and wait for potato and also hplww to reach.

Early morning there is no car on the highway.. So I take this opportunity for SPEEDING at the speed of 80km/h

Lol.. just kidding T_T i know its not funny.

So.. we the official and unofficial skyStar - Walker start walking to PISA from Sam's house. Actually its very near..

By the time we reach, the walk had started and we left far behind... far...

As I predicted, there will be 2 yEAAlor Yellow Coverage Fella will go follow some people..and then they will CURI TULANG walk back to PISA. dammnn.. they never follow me also..


Sorry for the PIC.. it's so.. xxxking BLUR. LOL..

So this year we no take photo with the YCF thingy.. but we take photo with this 可爱怜没人)cute bear.


then doing some cam-whor-ing stuff again HOHO..


This guy will never bored of the sunlight... go till where also wanna take pic with sunlight.


hplww like to stalk people carrying their children... I wonder why ar??? haha

Then, we had our pit stop at one of the coffee shop...

There's a lot of people including the skyStar-Walker sitting there enjoying ROTI BAKAR n TELUR SETENGAH MASAK.. bread n half-boiled-egg.

The people there were so.. busy ... they only come to take order after 8 - 10mins we sit down..

the unofficial walker -
official walker -
unofficial blogger - she got no lah..
official walker -
official walker - and.... who is that FACE CRAMPING =.=

After we ENJOY-ed our ROTI breakfast + EGG.. we continue our journey back to PISA

and you know what HAPPEN??



and EVEN my 100PLUS eh BOOTH also FINISH already!!! OMG

for your information..

6 of us was the LAST survival to finish the WALK..


sei mou?

oh ya.. i met Princess Cheryl inside the arena after i get myself a cup of milo and

btw.. i attend the WHAT A BLOGGIFUL WORLD @ PARADISE after that... SUPER TIRED and STIM... met lots of BLOGGER who I DONO them at ALL haha

maybe later I will try to grabs some photo from the official photolaughter?


Calvyn said...

morning go starwalk, noon u still manage to catch up blogger meet... great leh...

i was thinking to go starwalk snap pic, but scare will late... so did not make it ... lolx...

Cheryl-Jiaween said...

Hahaha...I thought I could wait for you guys at first... =p So, I did arrived at the finishing line at least an hour before you right?