Sunday, December 28, 2008

the.. SXIMB Dinner

Now I shall start slowly update my blog. Hmm

Left 3 more days and then we going to say BYE 08 and HI 09.

Anyway, today's topic is..
The band dinner..

Actually... I dont plan to go for the dinner this year. But I heard that they are doing buffet style, so I choose to go. I still remember last year.. They do don't know what BBQ.

So, I got to play RM16 x 2 and just for EATING purpose only. I know what they going to do, and same goes every year. TAK ADA MAJU LANGSUNG. (never improve at all).

They same gang I always go with..
back from left to right: ME! MY DEAR, Jiunn Terng, Alex Chua, Derek Cheah
front from left to right: Wei Lian, Yong Hu, Wei Tatt's GF, Wei Tatt.

But, something out of my expectation this year.
They SUDAH MAJU (already improve)

For this year dinner, is just like you are attending SXIMB Idol, or SUPERSTAR, or whatever talent show you can think of. I can't imagine that those band member can actually SING.

They even perform duet or something. Duhh..


This year, the food.. I can say.. is not WORTH for the price I am paying.

The food they provide, is not nice at all. CAN EAT ONLY.
I still remember that day when I ask for a bowl of ICE KACANG.
Damn, they put the ICE so FEW. BUT the SWEET INGREDIENT is so DAMN A A LOT.


I just don't understand why do we have to present the ticket when we line up for our turns to take the food.

Of course, this REDSWIFT here is PERFORMING on the stage. He is trying to get new member for his club maybe?

I leave early, because I feel that my dear is getting bored and EMO. Haha. So in the end, we left without thinking much.


The next day, Derek MSN me and..

(10:48 PM) --|DC-WM|--: u very lucky u didnt stay till the end
(10:48 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: apasal
(10:48 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lecture section ar
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: no
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: very shocking thing
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: got duet by two pondan
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: apa yang menshockkan
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: LOL
who is the PONDAN
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: sing girl song
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: i dunnno who
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: omg omg member lai ar
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: yeah
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: member lai la
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: one clarinet one flute
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: they sing they pose their hand lembut
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: omg omg
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: yiakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
(10:50 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lucky i lari liao ngek ngek
(10:50 PM) --|DC-WM|--: end with this performance somemore
(10:50 PM) --|DC-WM|--: we are all "............ -___________-"
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lol
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: swt
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: so gay meh
(10:54 PM) --|DC-WM|--: erm
(10:54 PM) --|DC-WM|--: u ask ping thing la
(10:58 PM) --|DC-WM|--: their song somemore called bye bye


Alex Chua said...

Suatu bencana alam yang tidak dapat dilupakan.

-blueminer- said...

Hmm when was this? too bad I didn't get to see these lovely members...

wenzi said...

alex chua: bye bye bye bey bye bye :D

blueminer: this month 16th :D.. you will love them more after u listen to bye bye

Anonymous said...

urgh...! BYEBYE!! u will never forget about it after u listened! and.. ya,it's really gay. yucks! LOL. anyway, it's a memorable ending. LOL.

wenzi said...

wei lian: hahaha I will not remember it also. I never listen to it HHAHAHHH

lucky :D