Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the KL trip. episode 1

So, I start my so call KL Trip now yeh?

We reach KL around 12pm ++ its quite late already due to we take 8am bus.

Hmm.. early morning sure got sleepy face,

Once we leave PUDU STATION, we walk over to meet this loving bird.


They just wake up after I called Adrian. Haha, waking them up from their sweet dream.

So, we temporary left our stuff there and go to Petaling Street for our *BRUNCH* (breakfast + lunch)

Look at my food, let you guess how much does it cost me. Haha..
1 plate of fried rice, 2 pieces of pork meat, and a few slices of san-can-bak

We then walk around and I realize that my shoe are in bad condition, meaning open mouth already.

Walking halfway, we saw this SHOE repair people sitting down. So I got to pay RM15 for both side to be repaired. T_T


It took them like 10 minutes to finish it so we take the chance to CAMWHORE.. hahah


Can't expect any better look from me due to the SLEEPY face. Haha


To be continue :D


Kuntong said...

aiyo..come KL also didn tell me..XD

wenzi said...

hahaha mean that time u never read my blog lo :D