Friday, August 1, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All Time

IF you guys realize that those adv under Nuffnang in my blog or others people blog got the WCG thingy.

You got it right ^_^.

Nuffnang will bringing us to WCG to compete with other team. In counter-strike..

Each team will have 5 player. Which one of them will be girl.

At first, I feel like wow.. got CS leh.. my hand to start itchy and my first multiplayer game is CS somemore. Problem is... I am having final and the tournament will held @ MidValley on the 16th August.

But, we got to post up something about our favorite game of all time. After some time, and I thought.. why not I just post something up?

Although I am play DotA now.. I am still HARD-DIE-FAN of CS OK? HAHA

OK.. long story short say.. I want to share this few clips with you. Why don't you sit down and enjoy?

This clip all we watched last year. That time we are into CS game in college. But we never have a chance to play in tournament cos we sukx. Anyway.. we found this clip on youtube and well..

BUT.. before that, you may choose to turn on your speaker or you maybe lower the volume.
vulgar profanities hamsap word all is in the clip. But don't worry.. no porno. ^_^

Apparently there are 2 version of it. This first video is the 2nd version of translation.

And below that will be the 1st version of the clip.

I hope the gurl who take part wont end up like this ar ; )

So are you ready to starttter?


Baby said...

2 bad i dun play cs or else would have joined..

Just Jasmine said...

Play CS till gone insane, so sad. ;)