Friday, November 2, 2007

Baskin Robin

31st Octocber, Halloween night where everyone been? Clubbing? Party-ing? Haha

that night ah eng belanja us go 31st Baskin makan ice cream. Normal la, 31st go BR sure got discount ma. Hehe.

The time we reach there, inside is very crowded. Many people ler.. so we get 407.. the number during that time is 306 like that.. OMG 100++ leh.

But hio, actualy wait agak 13 people only la.. hehe
then ar, khan khan ar.. so like to show off his hair.. haha new hair konon nia.. macam iguana lol :D
da crowd tat day.. hohos..
a group photo... :D yummy.. i mean the ice cream laa..
me and abigurl .. :D
da me.. heeheehee
da ice cream :D hou hou sekkk arrrr

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