Saturday, September 15, 2007

Truth or Dare

There is one thing bout this game, it can b say nice. Why? Well when u play this gam together with your fren, u'll realize that you will feel free to tell your thing out whenever they ask a question. and u'll get to noe more bout ur fren. is true. i've noe quite many thing of my frens. of course it is P n C. So i'm not going to u what we talk about. Thats the good thing when we hang out together more. sharing our problem with each other. ^^

the bad thing is.. reach home get scold by parents.

anyway i am off the KL for pipit anniversary tonite

n the mooncake party, will still ON.. RM13 per head. for those who interested pls contact me asap.

3,23am 15th September 2007 @ Mr Potato hs!!

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