Monday, September 17, 2007

Nescafe Kick Start

What is your dream job?

What have you done so far to archieve your dream?

How RM30,000 help you to archieve your dream?

front: eng, cherrie and me
back: sam, jesy and vincent

Good Question!! Well, thats the question they ask in the form. So, that time I was thinking what is my dream? Haha, I feel like I don't have any dream. Sleep time got lah, a lot of dream. Of course they aren't asking those sleeping dream, they are asking the dream in your future. What are you going to do in your future? Is good or bad?

Just that I'm not sure what is my dream, so I fill in the form just because of the freebies that they going to give :D haha.

When Im filling the form, I chat with one of the crew, Cherrie. She is from KL together with Jesy and Vincent. All the 3 friendly crew :D. She ask us a question, the question she ask is, "eh, Where got nice food to eat ar?" So swt.!! Of course we are friendly too so we tell her where got nice food. Aiya, Penang is Food Heaven everywhere also got food. So Leslie show them where got nice food to eat :D

Personally i feel that they are friendly, just that they going to stick one of my form on the notice board.. OH NO!!! haha, I know they wouldn't. Ngek Ngek..!!

Anyway, all the best to them and good luck to EAA students who fill in the form. Maybe one of you will be the Season 4 KICKSTARTER!!

11.22pm 17th Sept 2007

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