Sunday, July 20, 2008

Uncle John Kopitiam @ Alor Star

Unexpected about Bon Odori '08, Penang. There is NO RAIN this year. I repeat NO RAIN
mean no muddy field. Gosh, so happy ^_^. Will update a bit soon once I get the photo from Jia Hua.


okie, back to my topic. It's food time lo

This shop located some where in Alor Star.

The should interior is a little bit similar to Old Town, but it's Uncle John.

Alor Star got Old Town btw.

But one thing different is the foods and drinks that they serve there.


We had our supper there. Food was just average.



We can see Telekom tower thru the balcony* there. Some night scene =.=


And so, we end up eating total RM100++. Thanks my dear's daddy for treat us that night.


Actually that place is quite nice for relax. Can watch TV there as well.


After eat? Go back hotel rest and play.


jolyn cutiez said...

uhuhuh.. can i get the photo from Ji Hua too.. =P
my camera failed on me during the festival... sigh...
n yea.. no rain no mud...
super fine~~ except for my %#*(&(^*#&^ camera :'(

lala said...

yoo bro...uncle john used to be oldtown..