Friday, July 25, 2008

Bon Odori 2008

Updating slow due to final week for this term. I got to so call "rush" my assignment to be hand up. Yet, still got time to "PA GAME" in Hokkien or play game. So, I see a lot of people update about bon odori, people update, I also want update lah.. kiasu-ing haha.

Just before you skip my crap. You better read first especially Penangite.
Starting on this Friday, which mean is today 25th July until this Sunday 27th July. There will be cultural, heritage and fireworks to mark Penang list as World Heritage Site.

I don't have any schedule or plan about the 3 days event yet. Just I know is on Saturday night, there will be fireworks display. While on Sunday, there will be ghazal and dondang sayang performances at UPR - Monthly Little Penang.

And, KokAhKok suggest "go come out with a blog post with all pg heritage trail la" in my previous post. So anyone want to join us? Hehe. If you are interested in Penang Heritage stuff, leave comment in comment box :D

Now lets back to the event desu. As many of you all know that Bon Odori 08 held last Saturday. Just for your information, I don't have Japanese Girl or Guy wearing Japanese wears. Only got some local "girlish photographer" with some friends.


We wasn't early that day, due to some traffic jam problem and some problem. We reach around 6 something and park at SXI then walk to Esplanade. Tips for you all who going next year. Never drive your car to Esplanade when there is big event like this. Or else you gonna curse in your car.


Feel like this year the place that they cover are more than last year. Maybe this year weather is so Dammmmmmmmm GOOD. Not Rainnnnn ^_^


There we met a lot of people and again.. if you realize in the field.. got a lot of "young footballer" walk around. I mean those high school student who wear socks high high one lah.


As usual, there will be fireworks at the end of the event. That's why everyone waiting for. You know lah.. burning fireworks is like burning $ ar.. So got free show to see.. cannot miss one right?

5 minutes of fireworks display and we rush to Jemputree for our supper.

me n von

By the way, during Bon Odori.. when I was walking around the field with my dear. We saw this kid breakdancing. Yes!! KID.. GINNA. BUDAK.. SAI LOU.. XIAO PEN YOU is BREAKDANCING.

Here is a no reward contest for you all..
Question: Guess how old is he.

Tips: below 12 years old.

This No Reward Contest is open to all my reader. All answer should submit in the comment and contest close on... after I receive 10 answer maybe? Good Luck taking part in this No Reward Contest.

Those who was with me that night. You cannot guess ar i tell you.


amanda said...

"young footballer"... ahaha..
a kid break dancing?! canggihnya.
let me guess, his 8??

Joe-Lene said...

seven :)

DaRyL said...

find bo u tat day..
go pak thor forgot me liao la...

KOKahKOK said...

wooo bila nak ajak aku minum dan tangakp gambar b4 i send my cam to repair n service haha

wenzi said...

amanda: hehehe canggih leh..

joelene: hmmmmm

daryl: lu lah.. ask u call but no call me =.=

kok: lets go tomolo

点点滴滴 said...

5 years old ~