Monday, July 21, 2008

male who use camera is girlish.

Hmm, don't wanna bring it out but cannot.

Last Saturday.. during Penang Bon Odori Fest.... this happen when I was lining up to buy milkshake for me and my friend. and behind me was 2 girls 1 guy.

So because of a lot of people lining up and only 2 person serving those people. I got to wait for my turn only I can order what I want right?

Then 3 person behind was talking so loud. Not I want to listen to what they say..

Their conversation is something like this:

Boy and Girl was showing each other their handphone. Telling each other that can use handphone to take photo.

Then they say doesn't need to carry camera around.

suddenly the boy say he din't bring camera lo..

and the Girl say, boy/guy or to be exact MALE who take camera is girlish.

Then the Boy say on of the MALE fren's name also got take camera de.

And the Girl say that the fren is different bcos he is "POHFEHSIONAL."

And mean those not "POHFEHSIONAL".. is ... well..

That time I was carrying my PowerShot A640 in my bag. Lucky I din't take it out.. or else ar...


Xie Bin said...

oops! i carry camera with me most of the time.

wenzi said...


Dragon said...

i carried my phone with me all the while. i use to snap most of the daily photos. i will only bring camera if there is special occasion.

what a silly conversation!

euveng said...

Wah lau eh..that's rubbish. That fella's probably some ah beng who spent his whole month salary on a camera phone..u should take out ur powershot and Flash him in his face la!haha

wenzi said...

dragon: haha.. the most wu liao thing. :D

euveng: haha his look kinda like ah beng..

Jia Hua said...

Seriously, they have narrow mindset :)

wenzi said...

jia hua: what to do??

Adrian said...

turn back, use ur A640 and flash them....

then run : D

GILBERT said...

i bet its going to be ah beng and ah lian's conversation =. =
and fuxk it wat can a camera phone do other than snapshot? (no offence to those who really capture a great snapshots from their handphone)

wat i wan to talk about here is about their attitude, know nothing but still wan to show off to each other, thats really piss me off and yea, they are sickening~

seriously, even he have an hi-tech mother fuxkin nokia N95 or sony.e wat so ever model with 5mp camera, tell him wat, he is STILL NOOB~!!!


cheers photography NATION~!

p/s : i'm really pissed XP

Charles Key said...

wenzi ar, he call those who use small cam girl, I call him rubbish, it fact he is not worth me calling rubbish.

A person tht can take DSLR quality photo with p&s, tht one la professional...LOL