Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paddy Museum @ Alor Star Pt.1

OKIE.. lets back to my trip.

This is a place that musn't miss when you visit Alor Star.

So this is the paddy museum.. Jeng jeng~

9 of us went there. And then I snap a photo when they going up/in.


For those who never been there before, let me show you how much you need to pay. And if you bring your camera or video camera, you will need to pay extra money for each item.


There's the hole for the entrance :D


Then.. when we go in.. we are damn suprise!!



Akira 思胜 said...

Is a nice place to go, but kinda boring, hahaha...

wenzi said...

hehe.. when the place is boring.. we must do something to make it more interesting right? haha

jolyn cutiez said...

i dun get u.. on ur second last pic, what so surprising?

wenzi said...

haha.. its the entrance to another place.. later when i post u will noe :D