Saturday, July 19, 2008

last year Bon Odori "2007"

A last year Bon Odori video. Last year rain during the event. Wonder how about this year?

Just watch The Dark Knight. This movie is fuxking awesome. The graphic, the story, the action.. those effect..

Those who haven't watch it yet, should go watch. Anyway, the story you got to watch it yourself. No point telling much here. :D

Too bad, I got screwed by my parent after I back home. LOL. Should ask them "Why So Serious"


yiphing said...

no rain this year. =]
but i din go there cz my mum scare traffic jam
i wan go to bon odori!!!

the dark knight is awesome!

Derek Cheah said...

Yeah after you say Why so serious, say "Lets put a smile on that face,"