Monday, July 14, 2008

Paddy Museum @ Alor Star Pt.4 (Finish)

Wee.. here's the last post of this :D

Let's go!!

When we are finish cam-who-ring near those painting.

We go downstairs and we saw a board, which you can put your head between the hole.

And the result we get is:
2 bin

2 Not really happy face

happy bin

1 happy face

innocent bin

1 innocent face

siao bin

1 crazy face

bo bin

and 1 no face.

Eng have been crazy about bling bling and hip hop style thingy. So while we take a look at the only souvenir shop in there.


Then, it's time for us to go back rest.

Again, we cannot finish cam-who-ring even after we want to leave that place.

You see..

Like BollyWood MTV



Even Sam turn himself into part time "no coconut eh tree coconut stealer"

He can climb eh?

sam scare

Last.. to end this post.. must have group photo ma right? :D


And oh ya.. not to forget what we saw after that :D




迷迭香 said...

walau eh... whose belly button is tat ? XD

wenzi said...

hehe.. belongs to the souvenir shop.

KOKahKOK said...

souvenir shop? belly buttom belongs to souvenir shop? i though is urs!!!???

wenzi said...

wah wah? which one u all mean ? =.=

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

haha wth. all the weird pics

nice and funny at least :P

jolyn cutiez said...

the belly..@@"
n the last pic..
again.. do i have to think senget to get wat u saw? -.-"

wenzi said...

ok.. my englishie so noob.. finally i know what's the BELLY stand for.. how noob am i.. its one of my frens :D hahah

thx i.r.v ^_^

jolyn: doesnt nid to think senget lah hahaha.. up to u to think wats that lo :P

KOKahKOK said...

i though is urs haha...hairy belly buttom! hehe