Sunday, July 27, 2008


I dun have any Penang World Heritage photo..
I dun have any SXIMB concert photo..
I dun have any recently event photo..

And I start to realize that.. I am lack of thing to blog adi. How sad.. anyway.. here are some random photo for sharing.

First: Took @ Alor Star Hotel.. outside the LIFT.

Next.. dun ask me about the photo... I dun hav flash.. and no flash is fire.. so.. the photo is super noise.. just understand what the photo mean can d..

Let "the girl" manja you :D

let her manja u

Ever see b4 dilarang melepak(do not loitering) sign?

tu dia..

Hav a nice day T_T

1 comment:

lala said...

but then u all still lepaking around..kaka