Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trouble worth $12 Million

Alright read it before I continue can?
"NEW YORK, June 17 (RIA Novosti) - The world's richest dog, a white Maltese called Trouble, has been stripped of millions of dollars by a Manhattan judge.

U.S. real estate magnate Leona Helmsley, dubbed the "Queen of Mean" during a 1989 trial for tax evasion, died last August aged 87, leaving $12 million to her beloved Trouble.

Judge Renee Roth accepted a settlement between Helmsley's heirs and the New York State

Attorney General's office that cut Trouble's share of the inheritance to $2 million on the grounds that Helmsley was mentally unfit when she signed her will.

The ruling was made on April 30, but has only just become public.

Carl Lekic, the general manager of a pet hotel in Florida and Trouble's 'guardian', said $2 million would be "enough money to pay for the dog's maintenance and welfare at the highest standards of care for more than 10 years."

Annual costs of caring for Trouble include $100,000 for round-the-clock security, $8,000 for grooming and $1,200 for food.

Famous for her quip that "only the little people pay taxes," Helmsley served 18 months in federal prison for evading $1.7 million in taxes in 1989.

The settlement also awarded Helmsley's two grandchildren, Craig Panzirer and Meegan Panzirer Wesolko, $6 million. They had been cut out of her original will."

See!! The dog name "Trouble" and her owner "leaving $12 million to her beloved Trouble." But I wonder how she evade the taxe

Wah lin eh.. what the dog gonna do with 12 million like that? Ki siao mehhhh

Wah lau.. I only can leave RM1 for my dog, Lui Lui leh.. How ar?

Hope my beloved Lui Lui wont angry la hio.. haha =.=

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