Sunday, June 8, 2008

14th June 2008 in Penang.

Oh well.. I wish that I could split myself into few parts.. or maybe clone myself for 1 day..

14th June 2008, Saturday.. Sooo many event in 1 day.. want crazy..

OK.. why I say many ar??

1st: Penang State School Band Formation Competition 2008 : 2pm, City Stadium
2nd: Capture and Win contest at Gurney Plaza : 2.30pm, Fashion Photography.
3rd: Some oldies singing competition at New World Park : 6.30pm << around that time
4th: My college PROM? wtf =.= 6pm...

See.. 4 is pack enough already... It's all I want to attend.. especially the school band comp. and capture and win

How to run 2 place ar?


Joe-Lene said...

go state comp! :D

but then if you go state comp.. the others you really can give up d.. including your college prom :p the state comp keep delaying every year kan? haahhaha

Kuntong said...

give up some event lo...

wenzi said...

joe-lene: yea.. always delay.. later sure postpone if got something one..

kuntong: give up on 1st and 3rd option adi.. hahaha