Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EAA Prom Night

Some how.. this is gonna be a long post. Which I quite hate to do so. Some more flickr only limit free account can upload 200 photos. Lagi sienn
Sample Poster Final

So.. long story cut short. Let's treat this post as photo speak everything can?

PromNite08 (23)

For your info.. this is the first prom by EAA.. I think is the one who organize prom at QE2.. So it's quite different from others.. that normally held in a grand ballroom. So.. we all are facing.. sea water. =.=

PromNite08 (63)

unexpected, the guests and the students who attend exceed our target. So? to be happy or not?

PromNite08 (203)

That's what normally people will do during prom.. Choose a prom queen and prom king. Of course not me.. Some one else..

PromNite08 (9)
I've got paparazzi-ed

We got some V.I.P who attend the prom as well.. And.. a reporter from.. Star News?

PromNite08 (308)

PromNite08 (803)

PromNite08 (764)

we got 10 finalist for the prom night.. 5 soon to be queen and 5 soon the be king. During that night, they are suppose to show their talent to the people and judges. The dress code/theme is Hollywood Glamour.. so 10 of them got to dress up like the Hollywood Superstar.

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So, we got Elvis.. got Justin Timberlake.. got.. Indiana Jones!=.= Each of them were given 3mins to perform what they can do.

Rotation of PromNite08 (512)

Other than talent show by the top 10.. We also got Joo Nee.. Nescafe Kickstart winner of year... I 2006 gut.. and Let's Dance dancers.. to perform as well

Rotation of PromNite08 (574)

On of them is our organizing committee as well.. Jet

PromNite08 (875)

Soon after the King and Queen selected.. A group photo and.. Lucky Draw

PromNite08 (1059)

Then.. A committee group photo together with King and Queen

And some cam-whore-time.

Rotation of PromNite08 (974)

Rotation of PromNite08 (983)

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PromNite08 (1178)

Prom Night 08

See see.. cam-whore lehh :D Roughly thats about the prom night.

Photo by.. KhanKhan, Adrian and abit by me using Khan's 400D and Adrian 40D.. I only pinjam from them..


KOKahKOK said...

woo....wonderful nite @ qe2....u looks different without spectacles....

eh....got comment ....the photo got ur face eh hor....i noticed that ur zip "appear" so obvious neh hehe...

wenzi said...

wah.. haha.. thanks eh .

btw.. why u can zhu yi dao there one ar? =.= I also no go realize lehh =.=
hamsap lo u :P

KOKahKOK said...

hamsap lo? becareful ah haha....ai meh say me like dat.... why i notice there is because is obvious leh..all black suddently got a silver like eh thing come out! hehe