Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 G, 1 P

Oh well, dun misunderstood the title..

what I mean was.. 2 guy 1 pool k?

erm.. photo taken during our trip to Alor Star.. and this 2 guy so desperate to go swimming there. especially when I call to book the hotel, they want got swimming pool eh hotel.

who's that 2 G? is eng and sam lo..

this is what they did.. watch k?




=.= too bad i wasnt with them that time.. bcos.. I dunno swim.. damm.. terbocor rahsia.. LOL

so.. left these 2 dead fish


Photo taken by Jia Hua using my ex-Sony A200.. sorry for the bad quality image.. he no use flash but high ISO. not bad liao

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