Monday, June 16, 2008

Top Model - Miss New World Park

Yadaa yadaa walaa wallaa.. =.=

Forget to inform or announce or whatever.. So.. ermm

Yesterday.. was father day right? So.. I went to this New World Park.. and see Top Model Pageant something.. and eh.. I got celebrate with my father as well ok? just after dinner.. me and my dear go over there and have a look

Penang is really Penang one lo.. they use Penang eh time eh arr.. Damm.. the notice board there put 7.30pm start.. So we reach there quite early a bit.. and spend 30mins in Nice Day looking over those stuff.. till 8pm.. Havent start nehhhh But maybe the poster put 8.30 or something lah.. haih..
So we ma wait.. and wait de lo.. wait till TL lo me.. so hot... But then saw a lot photographer.. actually in 10 like that lah.. all also bring keat keat eh camera.. So I ma look how they shoot model lo.. learn also ma...
As I go with my dear.. I ma discuss with her lo.. I say.. contestant No.5 look nice.. and contestant No.12 look cute... So I bet this 2 will either win the title Miss New World Park 2008.
But when they select 5 finalist eh time.. A bit dissapointed lo.. No.5 dint get it.. but No.12 are one of them.. OK also liao lahh.. Haha
But.. quite happy back cos... The winner goes to No.12 that cute one.. Wow.. Not bad eh my taste.. Can be judge bo?


By the way.. their judges are.. Nice Day's Tauke, Then.. dunno what dumpling eh tauke.. and also Baptist Saloon eh tauke soh.. Those gift sponsor by Nice Day.

And hio.. Photo all taken with Canon PowerShot A710 IS.. Shutter 400.......... the rest I forget..
Sorry for the under.. noise.. and blur images..

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