Monday, June 9, 2008

Jocelyn B'day..

OK, actually I not really know her.. This is suppose the second time I met her.. So.. long story cut short... It was her Birthday.. ermm few days ago lo.
Jia Hui, Jocelyn n Fiona

At first, we want to go eat Lok Lok near Giant @ Burmah Road there. Unfortunately, CLOSE. So we change to Pulau Tikus Market for Lok Lok.. But.. no open also. So in the end, we go I don't know whats the place call now.. Previously was Atap House Food Court something something located @ Macalister Road.

Dim Sum... Still got a lot of food also :D

Now is one of the famous BBQ n Steamboat place. Rm19.90 per head. A lot of Dim Sum.. LOLx.. It's total of 10 of us.. ermm.. So like that.. RM200 flew away.

Rabbit Sam Crab Stick Sam

But.. worth it... we eat till full full...

Some omelet by Jia Hui

Official photographer.. Khan Khan.. hehe for more photos.. go his blog k?


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Akira 思胜 said...

wow, leng lui wor...