Saturday, June 21, 2008

First thing we do in Hotel

I did mention about the hotel that we stay in previous few post. Anyway, let me remind again lo. We stay in Alor Setar Grand Villa. Sound like very high class yea?

Sound like only.. but the package that we book is not up to the standard. But neverlah.. low budget trip is like that. Some more, we many people share 1 room, so when want go up to our room is a bit hard lo.


The first thing I did was jump on to the bed and lie down for a quick nap. But din't sleep at all.. End up with we playing some insane game.

Wanna know how insane?


We start with our kids game =.= "la la li la tam pom" a game whereby we need to use our palm only. Is either face up or face down.. then.. the only contrast one.. got to go down 1st.. So we did play a few times.. but I gonna show U this only..

The first one to go down is Sam.. followed by me..
Then Mun Kwan, Ah eng and last Jia Hui..

What we play?


Making human sandwiches maybe.. Damm.. Those who met me before.. U sure noe that I am damm skinny.. imagine I get over 150kg eh weight on me...

DSC08537_1 copy

So I end up.. like this lo =.=

After that crazy game.. we got to pose to the camera abit right?

Take #1 only.

photographer: Jia Hua using my ex-Sony A200

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