Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Penang @ UPR

Ever heard of Little Penang? Especially Penang-ite. If not, you should have a look then.

stall that sell decorative vase
Little Penang is a event that held on every last Sunday in every month. The whole place will be at UPR(Upper Penang Road), a place for clubbing during night. But during the morning till 5pm. This Little Penang is there for you.

Nyonya dancing?

Basically what is Little Penang about, it's a day where most of the Penang artist.. I mean like fine artist, handicraft artist, tee designer, chinese writing, origami, and things that are handmade. Penang-ite who interest to sell their stuff, they will given a booth/stall on that day after their registration with the Little Penang organizer.

Some handmade jewelery by my lecturer, Chris.
Small item made using different sizes/kinds of shell.

For your information, there are some stalls that sell local food as well. Food like Laksa can be bought here. Drinks like honey, plum juice and maybe soya bean also can bought, but of course the price are affordable. You have no worries about thirsty when you are enjoying the performance there.

If you are interested in such special handmade thing, you should go have a look there. Other than they selling stuff, there will be performances by different people. And again, if you feel like showing off your talent in playing music, dancing, singing or some special performance u can do, you can register yourself or your band/team to perform on that day. It's a chance for you to promote your band/team.

oil, shampoo and something something

And also, not to forget, you will able to get some home made oil. Massage oil, body shampoo, virgin oil and so on. It's kinda cheap? I am not sure.. But I think for us might be a bit expensive.

So, that's some introduction about what is about Little Penang. If you are a tourist, try not to miss out the monthly event held at UPR. For local Penang-ite who haven't been there before but interested in arts and crafts thing. You can go there too.

For more information visit

Oh ya, they sell iPOOD there as well. Not to miss the chance K?



迷迭香 said...

u bought the t-shirt?
that is cool ~

wenzi said...

dint buy T_T.. just go there hav a walk :D

Alex Chua said...

I like the shell wan. Real nice. Btw, if you wan IPOOD, onestop got sell. Haha.

Dragon said...

i like the t-shirts too. i think there are a lot of this kind of t-shirts. how much one? maybe will get one next time when i go there.

wenzi said...

alex: haha really one stop got sell? wah lao..

dragon: yea.. look special ya? haha
i am not sure bout the price too bad T_T

Akira 思胜 said...

UPR got such stalls?

wenzi said...

yes.. during every end of the month... Sunday. ^_^ feel free to go hav a look.