Saturday, June 21, 2008

SXIMB @ Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel Pt 2

Erm.. I shall update a bit and continue the story abit. Just for your information, I am cutting down the number of my photo to post up in 1 post, unless the post is under my"today shoot today post" Or else.. the rest of my previous event / party / whatever / anything / that I attend will be split to feel post.


So, let me back to this topic.. Remember the post before this. The last photo is that kid showing half of his cute butt =.= This is his sister..

The time I reach there with the band.. I am damn tulan.. I thought they will perform in the lobby or ballroom or what. How I know they set the stage at the beach. And it's so hard to walk there. =.=

While the band were tuning, and because of I got no instrument to tune.. I go "tune" some scenary photo.



And walk around the beach like a mad people holding camera dono shoot what. I don't dare to get close to people playing water there. Scare the splash me because I taking their photo and I don't have lens as well. Limited range =.=

the sand creature remind me of that band creature in Incredible Hulk.. I havent watch yet =.=

and so... to be continue

Ask them practice, they play play LOL


BeverLy's Secret said...

You are so naughty...make fun of those cute sisters...

wenzi said...

haha.. no naughty lah.. I feel that both of them so cute and nice to shoot :D