Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is Alor Star ~

Many of you might ask, out of so many places... why go Alor Star.. Alright, I am there to tell you.. We having low budget for trip. And we never been to Alor Star before, so we took this opportunity to go Alor Star for 1 day for sight seeing.
Alor Star View

Alor Star is pack.. Especially in the "town area" The road is quite small and quite jam especially during lunch or after work hour. Although we stay there for 1 night only, but can feel the JAM.
Alor Star View

Some must visit places in Alor Star is.. Muzium Pertanian, Their KL Tower Telekom Tower.. and maybe the place where our former PM were born.

Alor Star View

Talking about food, erm.. I din't try a lot of food there. But wanna thanks my friend from Alor Star who treat us lunch when we reach. Will post about the lunch later maybe.

Alor Star View

So, that's the view.. from our hotel.. We stay in Holiday Villa... imagine 8 people in 1 room. Haha.. must be fun right :D

Alor Star View

Btw.. It's tahun melawat (visit) Kedah (year) you know? So we din't miss the chance to melawat Alor Star lo.


迷迭香 said...

this is the city right ?
prefer to see the padi field ~ ^_^

Adrian said...

go alor star because wan to met gf's parents lah... xD

wenzi said...

hjahahah.. let me see if got the padi field for u too see..

adrian: haha also same same lahh