Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day 15th June 2008

Well, ermm.. 14th June..

as I said in last few post... got 4 event going on same day right? right?

So.. this is what I do..

Due to my camera is no more already, I borrow camera from Adrian for the competition @ gurney. So I miss out the chance for the Band Competition.. as expected.. the winner is the same school again.. Anyway.. Some update for you people out there.

Champion: Jit Sin High School (for the fifth time since year 2004)
1st Runner: Chung Ling Butterworth (omg it's unbelieveable)
2nd Runner: St George Girl School (not suprising pun)

How many band joining? I don't know lo..

Anyway.. for gurney part.. it's damn lot of photographer there.. of course met blogger like and lucky I got sifu adrian helping me just now.. thanks him a lot :D And I met the person who in charge of i saw his camera stripe got smugsmug thing. Haha

Next, straight away go to do my hair.. sponsored by Hair Impression, Komtar.

So, of course, rush to my prom venue after that..

What's going on? stay tune :D

Last but not least... Happy Father's Day to all of u

Time to rest.. just got my internet connection back :D

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amanda said...

you know nicholas and alvin?!
haha. they're my bro's very close friends.