Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what you say?

We are human, talk also of course like human. Haha, but sometimes when we talk, we din't know that we've make many people "beh siok" us. In this episode, I'm not gonna talk bout beh siok. Vut I found out something else more interesting to share with u all.

Recently, I went out with my friends and family especially when go eat. When I walk around to order some food for myself, I heard...

A: Eh, what are you doing here so late?
B: Eat la, what else?

I was thinking, so late come here of course eat la, if not come here sleep meh =.=

You see, we like to ask question when we see our friend out there.. er.. or is part of words that came out from our mouth.

Last few days in a restaurant, a bunch of girl having their dinner together. Suddenly a friend of dont know which girl saw her and..

C: Eh D, Hi!!!, what you doing here?
D: ..... ( i think she tell her she was having dinner?)
but for me, i will answer C "huh? what you doing here then?

How about I create a situation that got me or any of you and for you to reply me.
Location: Cyber Cafe / Internet Cafe
Time: Anytime
You: Paying 101% concertration on your GAME.

I saw you playing game and walk to you then ask you,

Me: Eh, what you doing ar?
You: reply in comment pls.

Duh.. cold.


sams said...

i will say...
i come here to watch porn... then ask him to join our game... dota / cs / battlefield..

Joe-Lene said...

can't you see what i'm doing? *you no eyes see meh?!*


wenzi said...

sam... why porn =.=

lol.. miss crap.. so hiong.. =.=

who else? any answer?