Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

Chinese New Year eve 2008 @ my house -

This year CNY eve, my house invited lion dance team to "dance" for good prosperity, good health, good wealth.. semua bagui mia.. haha.

My Hometown temple
- first thing to do when reach hometown, is to PRAY.
went to the house nearby eh chinese temple wif my mum and small aunt.

- like the sky there. and the scenary of course.

- car.. xD
- inside the temple..

actually the BBQ plan shuldnt held at my hometown, due to the fully booked apartment in Penang, so we back hometown and BBQ.

The sky there really nice.. - the satay man... hehehhe
- on the 1st day of CNY, it was also the b'day of my uncle. so, he was suprised by his daugther celebrating with him there.
- you know what's a look when u 1 shot eat a lot of wasabi?..

haha, was playing game with my cousin and my small aunt.
all of them lose and got to eat the bbq food which have wasabi, black pepper, pepper powder, thousand island and a lot of different SAUCE.
The whole game only me and my 2nd bro din lose. Bwahahahah

The kids~
- this one, i should say is baby. one of my cousin's son.
- the cute girl is my small uncle's youngest daugther.
- this my 五舅‘s son. He is in the car ready wan back to their house.

The doggy
- introducing my blur blur LUI LUI. haha, she always aim people eh shoe lace..

- 不到翁 - Lui Lui
- Friends of her.. was my cousin *C*'s dog. Name Ruby. A male dog.
- Lui Lui sayang-ing Ruby.. well well.. haha
2 play full doggy. kao lat..

Some random photo(s)

The S.J.C *nt S.H.E*

Last but not least, 兄弟姐妹>.<


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Netster said...

I haven't seen one lion dance this year! ummm why my place is so quiet??