Thursday, February 28, 2008

something to bla..

today, without noticing sam's laptop is plugged without battery, and i accidentally pull the cable out and make the screen suddenly turn black. and so.. sam dint save his file then his file all gone. feeling sorry to him and i really dint realize that his laptop was plugged without battery. and so he asked me a question.
why did the elephant cross the road?
and so, i tot he will slam his body like the elephant on me or the skill so call body slam in WWE. he so tua jiak and i so seh jiak. confirm i kemek one if i answer it wrong. and so.. again.. i tried to answer his question and i get it wrong. omg. of course he tell me da answer of the question that he asked me!
you want to noe whats the answer from him?
it's damm cold... =.=
guess n see..

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Joe-Lene said...

because elephant cannot fly cannot swim?