Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yeayea, I know I'm a bit out of date for posting this up. But, you can choose not to read!! haha!
Went to watch this movie today with my classmate. As you can see from the trailer, it is funny and funny and funny, and the "DOLL" is cute. Right?
My own sypnosis~
It was about a father and his son, who was poor in life. The father, Mr. Chow play by Stephen Chow and the son , Dicky~ play by JIAO XU. Need me to mention bout the beautiful teacher? No need I think. Anyway this movie suppose in Mandarin version. Thats why the voice and the lip's moving is different.
As a father, he do everything that could grant his son happy. He always tell his son, although they are poor, doesnt mean that they got to fight, take other's thing, use vulgar and bla bla bla bla.
Dicky was a student in one of the famous/good school. A lot of his classmate, I think majority of them look down of him because he is POOR. That's life!!
One day, Dicky ask his father to get him a new pair of sport shoes for his P.T. class. So his father went to the "gabage?" to find a pair of shoes for him. Instead of bring the shoes back, his bring a greeny ball back for his son. Telling him that the doll is even better than CJ1(a robot dog). The ball which then TRANSFORM in to the 太空狗.

Dicky get along and play with CJ7. They just like the best friend in the world. But he misunderstood bout the dog, he thought the dog got super power/magic. So he try to cheat during his exam. Of course he fail because the doggy not as powerful as what he imagined. End up with 0% mark in his exam paper. He edit it to 100% then and show to his father.

Of course, when his father found out that he edit it, actualy is add the figures 1 and 0 infront. -.- He get angry and have a small quarrel with his son. Which make him say the word that hurt his son.

Then.. suddenly my seating place in cinema shake. At first, I thought the people behind me use his/her leg kick the chair I seating. And I was planning to turn behind I scold him --


but then, wait... its shaking left and right. feeling dizzy already. and i look and radius and other. jiahui and hplww walk out and saw people running out from theater. So they came back to us and ask us go out as well.

OMFG, is Earthquake!! is really shaky shaky make my dizzy. Damn. No wonder. but.. that time in the room, only 6 of us leave the room. the other dint leave, dono is they dint feel or they don't scare D** lo. =.= haha. Anyway, the earthquake stop and return to normal.

We walk back into the cinema and continue our movie, but...................... we sit down awhile only, the movie END. wtf?? =.=

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