Thursday, February 28, 2008

she called it E-Award.

oo.. i received
from miss bluuurrrrryhuuuunniiiiiiiee for my excellent photos posted in my blog.
(sorry bout ur nick.. eheehee)
thx to her for award this Super E to me :D ng koi sai arrrrr.. xie xie ni.. kam sa ha mi da, arigato, terima kasih..

then, as she pass the award to me, mean that her blog reader pass that award to her. because of she also pass this to me, so i will pass this award to others too. I think is a bloggers traditional? culture? hehe..

and so.. the award winner is.............................

adrian, gilbert - for their excellent photos.. mai siao siao.. both future top photographer in Penang, Malaysia and Asia.. add oil ehh
huansheng - for his chinese blog, is the only i read .. lolx.
joe-lene - she is my 1st blog fren list.
eng, sam, jia hui, khan khan - cos they are my classmate. hehehe

last but not least..

yivon - cos.. she is the one i love.. haha

Before I offically close this award ceremony (i din officially start it also =.=) I would like to say sorry to blurry cos she not gonna receive this award from me. cos mummy say dun be greedy. no good no good... HAHA. anyway.. thx again to her.. ngek ngek..!!



Joe-Lene said...

wah~~ shocked to see my name there! hahah. thank yea, crap! proud to be your first blog friend list and i'm in your E-award list! hehe :) crap crap crap..

wenzi said...

haha, welcome and thx for your support... bwahahaha crap crap crap :D:D

Adrian said...

i'm so touched ~ xD

blurryhunniee said...

My name... oh name.. What happened to it? You're found guilty here and I shall get my shark fin soon, I hope. Hehe..

Oh yea, I'm sure your mom taught you not to be stingy. You must have been a naughty kid there and did not listen to your momma uh! Don't I deserve an award from you huh?! I'm furious! :P

Netster said...

congratulate! :)