Monday, February 18, 2008

Motion gRaphic house visit~

Jeng jeng jeng, one of the night during CNY, we went to William house to enjoy some BBQ.
- sorry bout the 1st photo, rotate wrong... anyway as u can see.. a lot of... FOOD
-thats Wendy on the right side. black shirt eh is her fren.
for your information, both and Wen.dy is ex EAA also. can count as my EX, ex, ex, ex, ex senior gua.

Radius: eh.. this chick.. cook already o not.. -.-

then, the arrival of Schizzow KYS. lolx
again Wen.dy, she say, why u take photo of those never do work one. =.= so i snap a photo of her.
that nite actually quite small amount of people.. er.. around 15 to 18 like that.. half of it is their classmate. also my ex, ex, ex, ex, ex,.... senior

Radius: not me not me, is her take one!
Schizzow: heehee..

Mr Loke busying BBQ for himself. so lonelyyy
and he finish his food very fast... cos he scare we steal his chicken wing =.=

before we leave, and wen.dy treat us some cigarettes. heard b3 hillburb? not DunHill. make in Taiwan. quite nice the taste. hehe.
ah eng try to climb up. but he fail. we were doing some survey see if got thief will him able to climb.

the result is.. CANNOT.

Lastly.. a group photo.. but i dont have the photo. so. wait for wen.dy to send me. i will offically end this post. HAHA!

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GILBERT said...

wendy wendy wendy , no wonder why she look so familiar to me ~

its the printing shop wendy and ... forgot tauke name liao :P pai seh