Friday, February 22, 2008

Chap Goh Mei (hokkien) in Penang

Chap Goh Mei or also know as chinese valentine, normally is for girl who still single to throw chinese orange into the water/sea/river or wat-so-ever with their detail there. So that guy who are still single and looking for single girl can pick and choose then contact the single girl. Is obviously for single girl to throw chinese orange and obviously for single guy to go PICK!

Went there with Yivon and meet adrian there. I just bring my IXUS850 to take photo. Of course again, see a lot of people carry dSLR like drink plain water. Haihz.. The crowd today compare to last week's CNY street party held at Armenian St. and those street street around there quite a lot also although today only got a stage with multi culture performence and only a stage for people to throw chinese orange.

Ever imagine if all the bus in Penang decorate with light like this?

The place for people to throw, I dint go pick. So don't ask me if I got pick one or not.

Yeap, met adrian there unexpectedly but should expected that he will be going there.

the Emcee of the night, the best Emcee ever.. why? cos he and his gang will show us a fireworks presentation.

the crowd of the night, gosh, although is only a stage for performance and a smaller stage for throwing Chinese Orange, still full with true-ly penang-ite.

was chatting with adrian and taking some random photo, saw this cute gurl and we both take her photo. her mum ask her to pose a bit for us to take photo, wah lao ehh

the night end with fireworks.. quite long also the presentation~..

I would like to officialy announce that this post is done with incomplete news. bahwhahahah.

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