Thursday, January 1, 2009

Colour of the Night

Continue my post on KL,

actually I got nothing much to share, that's why I split it all into few part. So that I can update my blog daily :D

Anyway, I should have update a post about my dinner on the first day before this one.


Right, after our dinner with my brother. He drop us back to Sunway, we saw redbox and planning to go in and sing-a-few-song. But after we asked for the price, we cancel our plan.

For those staying in KL, you should know outside of the Pyramid, there is a clubbing places call dono-what-BANANA.


We saw the tunnel is so COOL. Again, we decide to go CLUBBING that night. So my friend Radius walkover to the counter and ask how much do we need to pay.

The cashier told us that it is still HAPPY HOUR. So, it's free entrance.

We were like WOWW!!! So we walk in and cam-whore-d


Radius say cannot high, I also feel cannot high.

In the end, before we leave.. we cam-whore kao kao.!



The the colour very much


Happy New Year 2009.

All the best in this COW year :D

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