Saturday, January 3, 2009


Doing some free promo for my friend.
Wondering why not me? Haha..

anyway.. this is what they doing..

click on the logo to link over to their blog.


We are a very localize group of friends who like to designs stuffs from tees, handy-crafts and sneakers

The word CHUBE came to us beacuse the word chube means cute in Hokkien, a very local Penang dialect, we named it chube because it reminds us of our childhood, we like to draw stuff all around the house once we get our hands on color pencils and we get punished because of that. Now that we are grown up, we have found a right way to express our creativity, we can't run around with color pencils anymore, we move on, from color pencils to spray cans, needles, and tablet pens. Instead of getting punished, we would like you peoples out there to judge us, we are not ordinary designers, we are one-of-a-kind, we are CHUBE.

Do support them by giving the comments or feedback

especially if you are PENANG KIA :D

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