Friday, January 9, 2009

Char Koay Diao's

I am back here to show off again.

Today I will be showing off my breakfast for 2nd day in KL.

We woke up late and we plan to go over to Bukit Bintang to have a walk. I noob mah..

Never been there before.

We were all hungry and we stop at one of the coffee shop located in Jalan Alor.

I got no idea what to eat so I decided to order a plate or CHAR KOAY DIAOYOU

I am sure that the food wont be tasty like what we got in Penang. But the food is..


They put the (HARM) damn alot. Fuyoo and also very SALTY. KIAM KAH BEH SI =.=

I should tell them.. "mai harm, mai harm mai harm mai harm"


Alright, finish SHOWING OFF for today.

1 comment:

Derek Cheah said...

lol... fake penang food at KL.. I've seen many over there. :P